Autumn Harvest

Mother Nature tends to show off in autumn, putting on an unforgettable display of color and light. The falling of the leaves begins when the leaves change colors and go from being green, to burning red, golden yellow and vivid orange. Fresh flowers make an occasion extra special and Thanksgiving is no exception. Along with wonderful food and heart-warming conversation, autumn flowers are certain to be part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Queen Bee Flowers decorate to impress by incorporating richly hued flowers and playful textured foliage into our tabletop designs. By adding peppers, mini gourds, ornamental Kale and seed pods to our creations we bring a bit of the season’s magic indoors.

Some of our favorite selection of autumn flowers include, Calla lilies, Cattails, Solidago, Bulrush, Poppy pods, Hydrangea, Celosia, Dahlia, Sunflowers, Chinese lanterns, Monkshood, all rich with colors of yellow, rust, purple and orange that truly capture the essence of this colorful season. Celebrate the season and Thanksgiving Day with beautiful flowering plants and Flowers from Queen Bee Flowers.